Powerful Platform to Connect Businesses


B2B Connections… harder to find online


Networking has been the buzz word in business for quite a while. A trend that started with offline networking meets and industry conferences, the concept of networking has also digitized. Many networking platforms have been launched online, at both global and regional levels.

Social media has been a strong part of online networking. Websites and applications have been swamping the Internet giving everyone the opportunity to connect with family, friends, colleagues and make new friends as well. Professional networking sites have given professionals from every industry a chance to get connected to other professionals and industry leaders as well. These applications have also provided a platform to organizations to showcase their products and services for individuals and other organizations to engage with.

The networking websites have catered to almost all the aspects of connecting people. One major aspect that is required in the age of globalization has yet to be covered in depth – business-to-business (B2B) networking. What is B2B Networking? It is where businesses can connect with other businesses to look for and engage in mutually beneficial partnerships. Looking for vendors to partner is difficult. The search for partner firms is not limited to the local geography of the organization, it is global. But, how does a company find trusted businesses in other locations.

One might argue that businesses can connect on professional websites also, but the truth is that it is individuals who connect to other individuals and various organizations. The individuals may change their organization multiple times. They may change their profiles as well. So, the businesses either do not get the opportunity to stay connected with other businesses or have to take a longer route to do so.

TechSimplified will soon be launching an answer to this problem. The creative team is working on an application that gives businesses a place to connect to one another. The platform essentially requires a company to register and take control of the account. This new application gives an opportunity for businesses to grow by connecting to global organizations and finding the right opportunities to partner with world class firms. With a comprehensive list of features offered, the application may just be the next go-to online destination for building strong B2B relationships.