What is the best social media channel for your business?


In this current pace of the online world, there are few businesses that have not yet acknowledged dynamic capabilities of social media that promotes business growth. Surprisingly by spending as little as 6 hours a week, one can enjoy enhanced lead generation to their businesses through social media. A right strategy mix cannot only enhance your search engine rankings but also drive quality traffic and increase the conversion rates. Knowing about social media platforms that are available is the most important and the first step to harnessing the potential of social media. 

Facebook has wealth of options helping the world to connect with each other be it friends and family or celebrities, business and organizations. Since its emergence, it has evolved into a wonderful social media platform and has turned out into the perfect place for any business organization to start their marketing campaign with great ease. Regardless of industry which your business is established, you can use this excellent social media platform to share products, promotions related to your business. You can use this platform to share videos and important company updates the to target audience as many people use the Facebook social platform to stay connected with the world.  The best part is,  with low maintenance and you can have plenty of posts and still the cost you incur for the huge promotion through the social media platform is low. 
Most suitable for: Facebook is most suitable for consumer-based businesses, then the B2B. Though, B2B business does build awareness programs & brand building on Facebook.

Twitter is an important platform to share an effective content to market the business to the potential customers.  You can see a short length text along with the videos and images and interact with customers easily mentioning the names or tags. This can be an effective platform launch for your business if you want to provide great customer service through social media at a low cost.  Your active presence on Twitter will help the customers to reach you easily with their concerns and praise.  This will, in turn,  increase your loyal customer base.  This platform can create wonders when you have an effective content that plays a huge role in making the business. Twitter is an effective tool to spread the content with great ease. Twitter can be a good social media platform to share engaging and interesting content with the customers. 
Most suitable for: Anyone right from individual to MNC with engaging content 

YouTube is a video sharing platform with rising number of users every day. This platform facilitates the business owner to view upload, share and comment the video content. You can use youtube to promote your business through educational and creative videos of the product or service, your business is offering. However, it is important to have tailored videos about your products or service when you are using this channel to promote the business.
Most suitable for: Industries that promote business through video content and ads. Suitable for both B2B and B2C business, where customers need to see the product or service functioning before they make a purchase decision. 

LinkedIn is a professional network with millions of professionals connecting with each other on a regular basis. Most of the content posted on this platform is professional content. As this is a professional networking site, the portal has most of the decision makers available to connect and share information. One can build a reliable network on this portal and share their expertise and knowledge in the form of short posts in their feeds as well as long-form Articles. LinkedIn recently added the ability to post Videos as well in the feed.
Most suitable for: With several decision makers available on the network, it's a most preferred portal for B2B businesses, though some consumer businesses also can benefit from the engaging audience on this portal. 

There are several other social media platforms available and new ones emerging, however, the above-mentioned platforms are considered most popular among businesses. All of them offer both organic reach as well as paid advertising on their platforms, thus businesses can choose whichever one works best for them.