What is App Store Optimization and how will it help your mobile app growth?


Finally, you have developed an app that is accepted by Apple and Play Store, congrats!! However, your job does not end here. There are more than 2 million apps available in the app store and making the app visible to the target customers is the biggest challenge faced by the developers. Every developer who is in the mobile app space needs to know the importance of marketing the app. App store optimization is one of the important strategies used by the developers to promote the app in the market.  Let’s start our blog by knowing what app store optimisation is and how will it help your mobile app grow. 

What is app store optimisation?
App store optimisation is the process of optimising mobile application rank higher in the search results of the app store. Higher the rankings, higher is the visibility of the app in the search results. This increased visibility translates into more traffic on the app page. However, knowing your targeted customers and keywords/language used by them to find the app remains important for marketing your app.

How does app store optimisation help your app grow?

Increased visibility 

App store optimization strategies will improve your app’s visibility in the app store thereby letting the users find what they are searching for. As it will be ranked in the search results, you will be easily noticed by the users who are looking for apps of your competitors. Of course, this is one of the easiest ways to win the competition. With the increase in the search engine rankings, there will be a good chance of an increase in organic installs for your app. These organic transformations do not need any payment to the search engine from your end. There will be no user acquisition costs as the users can find the app easily and download it. 

Target relevant customers 

A business will sustain in the market only when there is an increase in the share of potential customers. Your app marketing is no exception to this. App store optimisation will help you reach the targeted customers by optimising relevant keywords. There are higher chances for these targeted customers converting into potential users when they find the right app. Therefore, ASO strategies play a key role in increasing potential share in the market. 

Builds credibility in the market 

Most of the customers will be the least patient to go through all the search results displayed for a particular keyword. When your app is listed in the top of the search results with the implementation of app store optimisation strategies, it is going to build the credibility of the app in the target market, because users build trust on the apps that are listed on the top ten of the search results.

Increased profits 
App store optimisation techniques increase the visibility of the app in the store which in turn increases the number of downloads. A number of downloads mean the number of customers for your app, which means more profits. A business aims at generating consistent growth in profits and you have implemented unique techniques to win the huge competition in the App world, and app store optimisation remains the first step.