What is the best social media channel for your business?


In this current pace of the online world, there are few businesses that have not yet acknowledged dynamic capabilities of social media that promotes business growth. Surprisingly by spending as little as 6 hours a week, one can enjoy enhanced lead generation to their businesses through social media. A right strategy mix cannot only enhance your search engine rankings but also drive quality traffic and increase the conversion rates. Knowing about social media platforms that are available is the most important and the first step to harnessing the potential of social media. 

Facebook has wealth of options helping the world to connect with each other be it friends and family or celebrities, business and organizations. Since its emergence, it has evolved into a wonderful social media platform and has turned out into the perfect place for any business organization to start their marketing campaign with great ease. Regardless of industry which your business is established, you can use this excellent social media platform to share products, promotions related to your business. You can use this platform to share videos and important company updates the to target audience as many people use the Facebook social platform to stay connected with the world.  The best part is,  with low maintenance and you can have plenty of posts and still the cost you incur for the huge promotion through the social media platform is low. 
Most suitable for: Facebook is most suitable for consumer-based businesses, then the B2B. Though, B2B business does build awareness programs & brand building on Facebook.

Twitter is an important platform to share an effective content to market the business to the potential customers.  You can see a short length text along with the videos and images and interact with customers easily mentioning the names or tags. This can be an effective platform launch for your business if you want to provide great customer service through social media at a low cost.  Your active presence on Twitter will help the customers to reach you easily with their concerns and praise.  This will, in turn,  increase your loyal customer base.  This platform can create wonders when you have an effective content that plays a huge role in making the business. Twitter is an effective tool to spread the content with great ease. Twitter can be a good social media platform to share engaging and interesting content with the customers. 
Most suitable for: Anyone right from individual to MNC with engaging content 

YouTube is a video sharing platform with rising number of users every day. This platform facilitates the business owner to view upload, share and comment the video content. You can use youtube to promote your business through educational and creative videos of the product or service, your business is offering. However, it is important to have tailored videos about your products or service when you are using this channel to promote the business.
Most suitable for: Industries that promote business through video content and ads. Suitable for both B2B and B2C business, where customers need to see the product or service functioning before they make a purchase decision. 

LinkedIn is a professional network with millions of professionals connecting with each other on a regular basis. Most of the content posted on this platform is professional content. As this is a professional networking site, the portal has most of the decision makers available to connect and share information. One can build a reliable network on this portal and share their expertise and knowledge in the form of short posts in their feeds as well as long-form Articles. LinkedIn recently added the ability to post Videos as well in the feed.
Most suitable for: With several decision makers available on the network, it's a most preferred portal for B2B businesses, though some consumer businesses also can benefit from the engaging audience on this portal. 

There are several other social media platforms available and new ones emerging, however, the above-mentioned platforms are considered most popular among businesses. All of them offer both organic reach as well as paid advertising on their platforms, thus businesses can choose whichever one works best for them.

What is App Store Optimization and how will it help your mobile app growth?


Finally, you have developed an app that is accepted by Apple and Play Store, congrats!! However, your job does not end here. There are more than 2 million apps available in the app store and making the app visible to the target customers is the biggest challenge faced by the developers. Every developer who is in the mobile app space needs to know the importance of marketing the app. App store optimization is one of the important strategies used by the developers to promote the app in the market.  Let’s start our blog by knowing what app store optimisation is and how will it help your mobile app grow. 

What is app store optimisation?
App store optimisation is the process of optimising mobile application rank higher in the search results of the app store. Higher the rankings, higher is the visibility of the app in the search results. This increased visibility translates into more traffic on the app page. However, knowing your targeted customers and keywords/language used by them to find the app remains important for marketing your app.

How does app store optimisation help your app grow?

Increased visibility 

App store optimization strategies will improve your app’s visibility in the app store thereby letting the users find what they are searching for. As it will be ranked in the search results, you will be easily noticed by the users who are looking for apps of your competitors. Of course, this is one of the easiest ways to win the competition. With the increase in the search engine rankings, there will be a good chance of an increase in organic installs for your app. These organic transformations do not need any payment to the search engine from your end. There will be no user acquisition costs as the users can find the app easily and download it. 

Target relevant customers 

A business will sustain in the market only when there is an increase in the share of potential customers. Your app marketing is no exception to this. App store optimisation will help you reach the targeted customers by optimising relevant keywords. There are higher chances for these targeted customers converting into potential users when they find the right app. Therefore, ASO strategies play a key role in increasing potential share in the market. 

Builds credibility in the market 

Most of the customers will be the least patient to go through all the search results displayed for a particular keyword. When your app is listed in the top of the search results with the implementation of app store optimisation strategies, it is going to build the credibility of the app in the target market, because users build trust on the apps that are listed on the top ten of the search results.

Increased profits 
App store optimisation techniques increase the visibility of the app in the store which in turn increases the number of downloads. A number of downloads mean the number of customers for your app, which means more profits. A business aims at generating consistent growth in profits and you have implemented unique techniques to win the huge competition in the App world, and app store optimisation remains the first step. 

Why should you hire a professional SEO consultant for your Online Business?


SEO has become the lifeblood of most of the online businesses today. However, only the right and ethical SEO strategies can bring top ranking to the website in the search results and drive quality traffic which in turn increases sales potential of the business organization. To implement right search engine optimization strategies, the assistance of a professional SEO consultant has become inevitable. The current article sheds light on the importance of hiring professional SEO consultant to run the business online.

Save time 
In every business, time is money. It is important to use the time wisely and put it to the best use to generate higher profits. The aim of introducing a new marketing strategy into the business is to generate higher revenue and become more popular in the market. The aim of SEO in online marketing is no exception to this. As search engine optimization is a continuous process that involves the implementation of new strategies in addition to supervision of performance, hiring a professional to do the same will save you a lot of time.

Right SEO knowledge 
Most of the business owners tend to have limited knowledge about SEO and think of getting the things done by themselves. Getting the top ranking for the website through organic search results is the biggest challenge than it ever was and limited SEO knowledge will never take you closer to the goal. SEO needs to be done in a right way to achieve desired goals and this is the juncture where you need the assistance of professional consultants to get the things done, the right way.

Rank well in the search engines 
Many business organizations today offer excellent products and services and are around for a long time. Yet, they don’t have a good presence in the search engines which implies that their SEO is not right. When you are not having a presence in the search engines, you are missing opportunities to sell and convert potential customers. This is one of the reasons why you need the assistance of a professional SEO consultant to market yourself online.
Get right traffic 
The website speaks to the customer on behalf of the business owner, as in an online store. Owing to this statement, you would design your website with the best user experience keeping in mind your potential customer's preferences. What if this website does not serve the purpose that it is intended to? What if the website is not able to generate some quality traffic that can be converted into the sales. A professional SEO consultant can help you solve the issue by applying right strategies and targeting right keywords to generate potential traffic to the website. Not only that, it is very important to win the competition to sustain in the market, SEO consultant will perform an SEO audit to analyze competitive strategy and check the optimal performance of the website in terms of generating quality traffic from time to time.

Here are just a few ways to begin with, on how Techsimplified can help your business grow.

1.   We help our clients by making an effective step by step marketing business plan that suits and meets their requirements.

2.   We help them by using our expertise in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services.

3.   We help a business by integrating its current website with digital marketing tools.

4.   If they do not have a website, we help them develop a web site by implementing all the effective tools for digital marketing that suits their business needs to help them grow and stay ahead of their competitors.

5.   We provide complete insights to our clients on the digital marketing campaigns through analytics to measure the ROI.

How can Marketing Automation Benefit Your Online Business?


Marketing has turned into the lifeblood of any business. Whether you are running an online business or offline business, it is important to streamline your marketing process to achieve the fullest potential of your marketing strategies. As the marketing professionals try to keep their products and services upfront to the customers by winning the cutthroat competition, using automated software to streamline the entire process makes sense. Use of this marketing automation in your online business saves a lot of time by automating various marketing processes like customer segmentation, customer data integration, and campaign management. Now, let’s check in why using this marketing automation software will benefit your online business.

Increase Your Customer Base

Marketing software, when integrated with your online business, will help you identify potential leads by filtering the most actionable leads. The software allows you to see who is visiting the website and what they are interested in thus providing you to reach the potential customers at the right time with the right marketing message. The software even helps the sales person to convert anonymous lead into a potential customer by displaying all the vital information like name of the person size of the business and what they are interested. This crucial information will help reach the customer on time and convert the lead when it is hot. The software also helps you to generate new leads through automation of customized e-mail marketing messages. On the whole, the marketing automation software helps you understand your customer journey in a better way and convert lead into a potential customer.


Campaign Monitor is one good marketing automation software that can send relevant personalized e-mails that look beautiful in every inbox thus helping you to increase customer base 

Align Your Marketing Activity 

Marketing automation software helps you to merge both marketing and sales funnel which most of the business organizations will find it difficult to do. As your marketing activity will be aligned with your sales activity, it will be easy for each other department to understand what they are up to. You can assign your daily tasks easily by managing your marketing and sales activity. The tasks can be effectively assigned to the right people on time. The marketing automation streamlines and automates repetitive tasks; it will free up your time and help you focus on other business activities.


GetResponse is a good marketing automation software you can look at as it creates fully scalable workflows user-friendly drag and drop creator.

Marketing Centralization

Using marketing automation software in your online business helps you centralize all your marketing activities. You can easily align marketing activities and campaigns. It, in fact, acts as CRM platform to manage all your marketing activities in digital marketing. As there is no need for your staff to manually deploy each campaign. The same time can be utilized for something more productive elsewhere. There is the huge importance of E-mail marketing in the online business; marketing automation adds a great benefit to your business in this scenario. Marketing automation software automates E-mails when the customer takes specific action thereby saving your time by eliminating the need for replying each customer individually.

Avoid Human Errors 

Human mistakes are common in any job. By using marketing automation software in your business, the campaigns and error-free messages that are set once are automated thereby eliminating the risk of human errors.


TargetEveryone is marketing automation software with the ability to create digital campaigns. The software contacts through multi-channel distribution like social networking sites, SMS, E-mail, digital ads to avoid any additional programming.  

Here are just a few ways, to begin with on how Techsimplified can help your business grow.

1.        We help our clients by making an effective step by step marketing business plan that suits and meets their requirements.

2.        We help them by using our expertise in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services.

3.  We help a business by integrating its current website with digital marketing tools.

4.  If they do not have a website, we help them develop a web site by implementing all the effective tools for digital marketing that suits their business needs to help them grow and stay ahead of their competitors.

5. We provide complete insights to our clients on the digital marketing campaigns through analytics to measure the ROI.


How does SEO help your online business?


Any business owner will sustain in the market only when they keep up with the latest happenings in the market. If you are the Business owner who is investing your efforts to win the race, you might have already launched an online business. The next biggest challenge on your table is to promote your business online and occupy a prominent place in the online market as well; this is the juncture where SEO comes into the picture. SEO which is abbreviated as search engine optimization serves as fuel to boost your business online. Continuing to read the article, you will get to know how search engine optimization will help your online business.

As a business owner, you might have understood that it is difficult to build the customer base without marketing and search engine optimization is nothing but internet marketing that helps to boost your business online.

Boost your visibility in search engines

Your business can never get the attention of the customers unless it is visible to the customers. Search engine optimization through some ethical practices increases your business visibility in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The primary purpose of increasing the visibility on the search engines is to bring more traffic to your website. When your website is SEO optimized, the customer will find your business online easily when searched with related keywords.  Search engines crawl the website based on the relevant content matching people question so, it is vital to manage and maintain your website content for the success of the business and increase the traffic flow. The traffic acquired by the website through these search engine optimization techniques is called as organic as opposed to traffic generated through paid marketing techniques like SEM.

Generate potential traffic   

To make your business popular online, just generating the traffic is not important. The traffic that is directed to your website should be potential. SEO solutions offered by the expert consultants do the job for you. The potential traffic that is directed to your website will augment your sales thus increasing the revenue of the business. According to the research report, staying on the top of the search results will generate more than 50% of the traffic to your website. SEO services will do the competitive analysis for you to make your business stand on the top of the search results. Experts also work on identifying the keywords you want to rank for to win the competition.

Content marketing

Content marketing is another important service offered by SEO consultants to help increase your loyal customer base. Having an excellent and engaging content is very important to answer customer needs effectively and convert leads into sales. Not only that, this keyword rich engaging content will make the search engines crawl your website and list it on the top of the search results. Quality content on the website is a double-edged sword, it helps in listing your website on the top of the search results and motivating the customer to take a call of action.  

How Digital Marketing Helps a Business to Grow?


How Digital Marketing Helps a Business to Grow?

Grow as you go”, this remains the potential goal of every business whether you are having a small business, mid-sized company or a corporate company. Growth from year to year remains a priority of every business organization. It is important for every business organization to take the advantage of evolution of modern technology. In an attempt to capture the growing lucrative market and attract the target audience across the globe, many traditional business organizations are moving towards online business.

The growth of the online business lies in converting the potential leads into sales rather than generating huge traffic to the website and this is the juncture where digital marketing plays an important role. Digital marketing tools implemented by the professional companies paves a way for the business owner to win the competition, survive your business and help your business grow. Digital marketing is an investment-wise decision that helps your business grow and win the competition.

Digital marketing helping your business grow

Every business owner is curious to know how his investment decisions are going to perform to help them reach desired goals. It is more obvious when you are making investments in the new technology like digital marketing, let’s explore it further.

Consistent branding 

Digital marketing fills the gap between small companies and large companies in building branding. Digital marketing finds a way for the small companies establish and build their brand displaying business logo, name and caption across different social media platforms to creating a website with professional graphics.

Expand customer reach

Having a right communication between the customers and business is very important to establish themselves as experts in the niche and strong bonding with the customers. Digital marketing helps you achieve this goal by having your business presence on social media platforms which allows you to interact with the customers by responding to their complaints and questions on social media.

Cost effective marketing

The best part is digital marketing is an effective tool to market your business to wider reach at low cost. Online marketing tools have raised the bar in terms of returns on investment for any business. These online mediums are cost effective when compared to traditional advertising techniques. On contrary to traditional marketing techniques, online marketing offers metrics that can be tracked to ensure optimal performance of the business. Free tools like Google analytics helps the business owner to gauge how effective your online marketing efforts have been. 

Conduct targeted marketing 

Reaching the targeted customers is very easy with digital marketing. While traditional marketing tools like television advertisements focus on the wider net, digital marketing focus on the target marketing through various social media platforms like Facebook. Paid campaigns can be conducted to target the audience who are interested in the particular niche. Narrowing the focus of advertisement will increase lead generation for the business.

Rise in search rankings

The rise in the search rankings is very important for organizations conducting online business as many customers reach the search engine like Google to find their desired product or service. Digital marketing will boost up your search engine rankings and help your business get new leads and loyal customers.  

Here are just a few ways, to begin with on how Techsimplified can help your business grow.

1.        We help our clients by making an effective step by step marketing business plan that suits and meets their requirements.

2.        We help them by using our expertise in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services.

3.  We help a business by integrating its current website with digital marketing tools.

4.  If they do not have a website, we help them develop a web site by implementing all the effective tools for digital marketing that suits their business needs to help them grow and stay ahead of their competitors.

5. We provide complete insights to our clients on the digital marketing campaigns through analytics to measure the ROI.

How does SEM help grow your business ?


Search engines are the big sources of traffic generation to the websites today. The popularity of SEM is now growing parallel to the growth in the online businesses. SEM which is abbreviated as search engine marketing is a kind of paid marketing to promote business online. As many customers reach the search engines to find the product or information they need, using these search engines to promote your business makes sense.

SEM is alternatively called as paid marketing which is used to increase your search engine rankings thereby increasing the visibility of your online business. When you are not dedicating a portion of your marketing budget for SEM, you are probably missing significant customer base who are searching for your service or product in the search engine. Here are few ways how SEM can help grow your online business.


Brand Building

As paid advertising helps you connect with the potential customer precisely when they are searching for product or service, search engine marketing can play a key role in building your business brand and reputation in the market. As the paid marketing campaign bid on the relevant keywords, it will be easy for the customers to find your business when they search with these relevant keywords. While SEM gives you an opportunity to increase your sales figure through advertising, you can use the channel to position yourself as an expert in the market and increase your brand value.

SEM Delivers Qualified Leads

Generating quality traffic to the website is as important as making your business visible to the customer. By implementing SEM in marketing strategy, your message will attract the attention of the customers who are actively looking for your product or service. This strategy turns to be more beneficial because you will pay only for the quality leads that reach your website.


Pay Per Action

Unlike other marketing strategies that ask you to pay the money irrespective of the results. You just pay to the campaign when there are clicks to your advertising by targeted users. When the advertising is able to attract potential customers, they are high chances of a lead converting into a sale thus increasing your sales figure. As you pay only for the actions taken by the targeted customers, your advertising costs will remain low. The person will reach your advertising only when he is searching for your product or service with the relevant keyword you have bid for. While this pay per action keeps your advertising costs low, it plays a key role in increasing your sales figure.

Getting Good ROI

Running SEM campaigns needs you to invest money, but, this does not mean that it is going to be a burden on the marketing budget. You can always have a control on what you spend based on what you wanted to achieve. This paid marketing has proven to produce instant results so, they can turn to more cost-effective than any type of marketing strategy. Paid marketing turned out to provide good returns on investment if your business set clear goals and monitor accounts closely in relation to these goals.

Powerful Platform to Connect Businesses


B2B Connections… harder to find online


Networking has been the buzz word in business for quite a while. A trend that started with offline networking meets and industry conferences, the concept of networking has also digitized. Many networking platforms have been launched online, at both global and regional levels.

Social media has been a strong part of online networking. Websites and applications have been swamping the Internet giving everyone the opportunity to connect with family, friends, colleagues and make new friends as well. Professional networking sites have given professionals from every industry a chance to get connected to other professionals and industry leaders as well. These applications have also provided a platform to organizations to showcase their products and services for individuals and other organizations to engage with.

The networking websites have catered to almost all the aspects of connecting people. One major aspect that is required in the age of globalization has yet to be covered in depth – business-to-business (B2B) networking. What is B2B Networking? It is where businesses can connect with other businesses to look for and engage in mutually beneficial partnerships. Looking for vendors to partner is difficult. The search for partner firms is not limited to the local geography of the organization, it is global. But, how does a company find trusted businesses in other locations.

One might argue that businesses can connect on professional websites also, but the truth is that it is individuals who connect to other individuals and various organizations. The individuals may change their organization multiple times. They may change their profiles as well. So, the businesses either do not get the opportunity to stay connected with other businesses or have to take a longer route to do so.

TechSimplified will soon be launching an answer to this problem. The creative team is working on an application that gives businesses a place to connect to one another. The platform essentially requires a company to register and take control of the account. This new application gives an opportunity for businesses to grow by connecting to global organizations and finding the right opportunities to partner with world class firms. With a comprehensive list of features offered, the application may just be the next go-to online destination for building strong B2B relationships.

Outsource Your Website Design & Development Work To A Professional Company To Boost Online Presence


Sometimes your business simply needs a little reboot. The best way is to boost your online presence is to design your website that is equipped with new web technologies that increases the quality of the web traffic, and convert them into sales with seamless functionality.

Your website is not better ranked on Google, there are more bounce rates, no conversion and no SALES….are some of the signs that tells you loud and clear that it need a new touch up. There could be end number of reasons of not gaining desired results from your website and that is when a PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT COMPANY  like TechSimplified steps in.

Your in-house web development department is not up to the mark hence; your business is suffering. There comes a time when you should turn to people who absorb the daily developments in online business dealings… it’s time that you outsource your web design and development work to a web development agency.

It’s worth it………..

Signs That Tells You That Your Website Isn’t Doing Great Out There……

  1. You’re not proud of it like you used to be. Your website is the first impression of your business. It is a window to your business and should stir strong pride about the business you are into. But if you find yourself envious of competitors’ sites, it may be time to go to specialists.
  2. Poor ranking on search engines. If search engines can’t find your website easily, you can bet your customers can’t either. A number of factors influence SEO, including website design, coding, content, images, meta descriptions, links and site indexing.
  3. You’re getting traffic but no leads. If your bounce rate is high, there’s a definite change needed. It means your website is not up to the mark to get visitors 
  4. Not mobile optimized. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, conversions will definitely be down. Time for a design change because a bad mobile experience will cost you customers.
  5. Just old ideas. When you identify a problem with website performance and your IT people are producing  old ideas with minimal tweaks, it’s time for fresh minds that are immersed in the excitement of non-stop web development progress.

Crucial Reasons to Hire a Web Design & Development Company

Web design is crucial to convey the right message to your target market and make an immediate connection. Content, appearance, graphic design, navigation and visibility are vital. The interface should be user friendly, while presenting a professional image of your company. Search engine optimization must be employed to increase your visibility in search results.


Image result for web development


Outsourcing your web design and development work will be the smart choice


  • Experience and skill. Think of them like specialist doctors who are highly trained and stay up to date with a non-stop stream of developments. Better yet, think of them like a doctor who doesn’t dictate but listens to you and offers comforting guidance, steadiness, cheer and expertise.
  • Direct communication. The wrong agency will provide an account manager who conveys your messages to the design and development team. The right agency will not have such tiresome hierarchy and the contact point for you will be hands on in the trenches. Communication will be simple, clear and immediate.
  • Cost. But, wait… won’t it cost more? No. You may be tempted to go to a freelancer because he is cheap and doesn’t have other overheads. But a professional company like Techsimplified will be at your beck and call, and will do the job right first time with far fewer callbacks and far less tweaking.
  •  Add up the time saved and the hassle averted and you get big bang for your buck.
  • Your internal web guy may not be the ideal project manager. Meanwhile a freelancer will focus on only one task at a time. An agency will be more invested in your project, giving it the priority it deserves.

How A Company Like TechSimplified Will Make A Difference? 

1. Gives new HEIGHTS to your business with an approachable website

 A good approachable website increases the chance of good deals in less time. And this is fact that when an                    organization explain well about the services and projects going on then it become easy to make good                              reputation in same trade of industry. And if you want to start a new business or you have enough scope of up              gradation then choose an outsourcing web design & development service provider. 

It does not matter that you are a small organization or big brand name. Team of website development agency     will work with full focus and equal preference to complete every task on time. A website development agency               could empower your business online and do complete marketing of your latest products and services. Your                   organization could get advantages of website designing experience of agency and approach for an award                       winning world class website design.

2. Enhances your Online Presence through social media strategies

If you are seeing the signs that your website is suffering, think about why you need to hire a web development agency. They will offer you a complete solution and be your friendly partners to help you grow.

TechSimplified knows what’s right for your business and has a great team to look after your social media accounts; we connect to your audiences on your behalf and make them trust on you. We come up with the write amount of content that lures your audiences to connect with your company.

Image result for web development

3. More web traffic through their SEO expert service

When it comes to improving SEO, there are some good ways and there are better ways plus there are also several downright dreadful ways that must be kept away at all costs. TechSimplified offers you the best ways and lets your website avoid the goofed way of promotion.

As if you’re all set to put the work in and boost up your organic traffic the right way, the first thing you need to do is to hire an appropriate web design and development company which can hike your business growth. TechSimplified are the experts and ensure that your website shine above the Google results.

4. Update your web content regularly

Long gone are the days of static websites. Today’s most effective websites frequently update content to give visitors a reason to come back. Website Design & Development company like Techsimplified will provides the best suitable content to increase the ROI on search engine results and increase your business online. If you choose creative ideas of graphic design for your website, it will make a good presence of your organization among visitors. The company provides the customize service for consumer because every consumer is unique and their need too. You could go for dynamic and visual effects for website.

Get Connected!!!

When you engage with TechSimplified for the web designing and development work, they first develop a web development strategy. Till the time project gets complete, they work in consultation with you, step by step to implement unique web strategy to your fullest satisfaction. They work with you to determine the focus, purpose and style for your site.

They use latest technologies and processes to build secure and reliable web sites. The company develop websites, web applications, database driven sites, corporate intranet design & development and further renovate existing websites.

Building with Style ……….TechSimplified team attaches a great deal of importance in building your brand identity by raising familiarity and sense of bonding with the end users. It takes extra care of style, language, graphics, color scheme, navigation structure and integrating every page and element on your site with your overall image and thus create a brand identity for your business.

Last but not the least…………Cost Effective….Geographical advantage contributes cost advantage that we pass on to our clients. We provide high quality web design and development solutions at highly competitive pricing. You may also create your own offshore team by hiring dedicated web developers at a much lesser cost than having your own in-house team.

Why It Is Important For Businesses Have To Re-do Their Website Designing After Some Years?


Redesigning website is big in demand these days. A website redesign can be a game-changer for your business, but it can also take significant resources in time and money, so it’s not a decision to be made lightly. The average lifespan of a well-designed website is 3 to 7 years, but time alone shouldn’t be the main reason for a redesign. That decision should depend less on trends and more on whether your audience is effectively engaging with your site. Here are some good reasons to consider a website redesign and how to determine if they apply to you.

Image result for bad presentation icon      #1. It Lacks State-of-the-art Presentation Of Your Brand

Having an updated website sends a message: Your company is healthy, forward-thinking, and ready to take on new customers. Good companies evolve and grow over the years and your website is the best way to showcase who you are. If you use modern website design elements to tell your story, you’re more likely to engage your audience and leave a strong impression.

Image result for latest technology icon     #2.  Your Website Is Not At All Competitive

Different industries support different website life-cycles. A consumer website needs to incorporate the latest design trends in order to keep its brand fresh and connect with early adopters. A more technical, manufacturing, or information-sharing site can often take a wait-and-see approach to new trends and focus on other redesign factors.

Check out the websites of your key competitors and compare them to your own site. If you’re considered a leader in your industry yet your site is the last to upgrade, it might be time to redesign. 

Image result for purpose icon#3 The Purpose Of The Website Has Changed

If your website’s purpose has changed, update its layout to be more in line with your goals. For instance, if you’re new goals are now to provide more lead generation content perhaps some “how-to” blog posts and ebooks, ensure you include CTAs on your homepage and other popular webpages.

Image result for expansion icon #4 Your Website Doesn’t Reflect The Expansion Of Your Offerings

If the list of services that you provide has grown and your old website does not reflect the full suite of services that you now provide, this can result in customers going elsewhere to get a service that you provide because they weren’t aware that you offered that service. By redesigning your website you can expand your list of services to include all of the services you provide, so that each visitor and customer is aware of everything you offer.

Image result for SEO Icon   #5 Your Website Is Not Search Engine Optimized

Perhaps your website was built utilizing a template or your URL’s are dynamic. A website redesign can help you improve your site architecture so that it is more SEO friendly. A website redesign can help you improve your coding and make your website as a whole more SEO friendly utilizing custom page urls, H1, H2, H3 Tags, Page Titles and Alt Tags by utilizing a more advanced Content Management System that gives you greater flexibility and makes optimizing your website easier.

Image result for lead generation icon   #6 You Want To Improve Your Website Lead Generation

A new design that is streamlined with the right calls to action allows you to better optimize your website for lead generation. Implementing calls to action across each website page, including the blog posts, so that you are taking greater advantage of every opportunity to convert visitors into leads will significantly contribute to your bottom line.

Image result for mobile friendly icon  #7 Your Website Isn’t Mobile Friendly

Mobile traffic is taking over the Internet and if your website is not optimized for mobile devices you could be losing out on big customer conversions and rankings from Google’s new algorithm update that penalizes websites that are no longer mobile friendly.
At Techsimplifiedtheir web design team designs & develops websites that are responsive, meaning they reformat on any mobile or tablet device to be extremely user friendly and in line with Google’s new rules.

Found Valid Reasons To Re-do Your Website? 

Identifying with one of the 7 scenarios above shouldn’t cause you to go into panic mode and dive deep into a redesign, but realizing a few hit close to home might mean it’s time to get cracking on a new design.

Your website is meant to bring you business. If it’s not doing that, it’s time to and that is where Techsimplified steps in.

Techsimplified believes that the website or app should convey the business message in a way that is easy to understand and easy to find. Too complex designs and too many clicks wary off the visitors costing companies direct/indirect conversions. Customer is king – this statement is true for a business’ online property as well. The company should deliver information and products in a way that gives clear design and effortless navigation


Think of Your Website Redesign as One of the Best Investments You Can Make

Why most startups are using Node.js instead of Java? or dot net.is java dieing slowly? what is answer?


Node, Python, Rails, Go, etc. are languages optimized for doing one thing. Rails is optimized for rapid prototyping, but it runs like garbage on production servers. Node is also optimized for rapid prototyping, but it has the one great trick of being exceptionally fast for multi-user real-time data situations. It's terrible at heavy processing tasks, but you can enqueue it using RabbitMQ, Resque, or some other system and pass it off to another programming language to do that portion of heavy-lifting.

Web Security: Why You Should Always Use HTTPS?


We most often hear about hackers attacking websites, but it’s just as easy and lucrative to attack your browser. One method is to deliver malware or lull someone into visiting a spoofed site (phishing). Those techniques don’t require targeting a specific victim. They can be launched scattershot from anywhere on the web, regardless of the attacker’s geographic or network relationship to the victim. Another kind of attack, sniffing, requires proximity to the victim but is no less potent or worrisome.